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■[Kitanosasa]'s Kuma Sasa Extract, which is made from Kuma Bamboo that grows wild in the Daisetsu Mountains of Hokkaido, has been developed under the technical guidance and supervision of a public research institution to extract all the ingredients that are the source of Kuma Bamboo's strong vitality. It is extracted and concentrated without leaving anything behind.

■No additives such as colorants or preservatives are used.
This is 100% bear bamboo extract.

■ Contains high-quality natural xylooligosaccharides derived from bamboo grass and high concentrations of polyphenols.


① Rich in minerals!

Iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium

② Rich in vitamins!

Vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacin

③It also contains many oligosaccharides, arabinose, xylose, etc.


■Using a special manufacturing method, we have achieved a slightly sweet and pleasant taste.
It has received high praise over the years, saying, ``It improves your stomach and allows you to live a healthy life.''

[Basic usage]
■The basic idea is to add 5 to 10 drops of bear bamboo extract to hot water or water and drink it about 3 times a day.
However, [Kita no Sasa] Kuma bamboo extract is not a medicine.
Therefore, it is not a matter of deciding how many drops to use at a time or the concentration.
Rather, it is more important to know how many drops (10 to 30 drops) to take per day.


[Recommended usage]
■Add 10 to 30 drops of bear bamboo extract to 500ml of water in a plastic bottle.

We recommend drinking one bottle per day instead of water.
Many customers are using this method.

~Please try it once~

Nowadays, words that are frequently used when thinking about ``health'' include ``prevention of illness'', medicine (medicine) and food being the same source, preventive medicine, self-medication, and so on.
At the root of these concepts is nothing but the idea that ``health management is primarily self-help...''.

[Kita no Sasa] Kuma bamboo extract will help you manage your physical condition.


[Kumasasa extract] 10g, 20g Free shipping

10 Grams
  • 10g x 1, 20g x 1

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