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About Kumazasa Extract
(Description of item)

Under the technical guidance and supervision of public research institutes, we have extracted all the ingredients that are the source of the strong vitality of Kumazasa.
Extracted and utilized using special technology

​About [Kita no Sasano Kuma Bamboo Extract]

Using a special manufacturing method, we have achieved a slightly sweet and flavorless taste.

It has received high praise over the years, saying, ``It improves your stomach and allows you to live a healthy life.''

This is a natural health food made from bear bamboo as the only raw material, without using any additives.

We will help you manage your health.


About [Sasano Megumi]

We aim to increase the vitality (natural healing power and immunity) of pets and help them fulfill the wishes of owners who want them to stay healthy and by their side forever.

It has been commercialized.

"Sasano Megumi" is, of course, not a drug.

This is a natural health food that uses only bear bamboo as an ingredient, without using any additives, and is aimed at managing your pet's daily physical condition.

About [Kita no Sasashio]
This salt is kneaded with mineral-rich kumazasa extract, which is extracted using a special method from kumazasa, which grows wild in eastern Hokkaido.
Sasashio has a subtle sweetness that mellows the taste of dishes.
It has more flavor than regular salt, so it can be used in vegetable salads instead of dressing or mayonnaise. 

You can also enjoy delicious grilled meat, grilled fish, and stir-fried vegetables with salt. ​

The rice balls are the most delicious, so please try them.

[999 Thank You] About plant-active Kumazasa extract
Through demonstration experiments, we have confirmed the following facts regarding the restoration of vitality (vitality) of potted flowers, cut flowers, ornamental plants, etc.
・Stems become thicker, harder, and stronger.
-The colors of flowers and leaves become more vivid.
・The branches and leaves of ornamental plants that were dull and wilting will become healthy again, as if they have been revived.
・Germination is clearly active.
・Insects do not attach or spawn. …and so on.

Made using a special method from Hokkaido's Kumazasa
Highly concentrated extract

Preservatives and colorants
Don't worry because it's not in use

It is the source of strong vitality.
Utilize all ingredients

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