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 We have confirmed the following facts through demonstration experiments in restoring the vitality (vitality) of potted flowers, cut flowers, ornamental plants, etc.

●Stems become thick, hard, and strong.

●The colors of flowers and leaves become more vivid.

●The branches and leaves of your ornamental plants, which were lacking in vigor and were about to wilt, will become energetic as if they were revived.

●Germination clearly increases.

●Insects do not attach or spawn. …and so on.



●Please dilute it by 50 to 100 times.

●Basically, it is sucked from the roots.

●Basically, use it once or twice a week when watering. (Please increase or decrease as appropriate depending on the type of plant and purpose)

●How to dilute: Add 1 capful to 250-500ml of water to dilute.



●We only use carefully selected bamboo shoots harvested from the Higashidaisetsu Mountain Range in Hokkaido.

●No additives such as preservatives or colorants are used. Please use it with confidence.



●Please keep it out of reach of children to prevent it from being pranked.

●Store in a cool, dark place, and dilute the required amount each time you use it.

●Can be used in combination with fertilizer, but please do not mix with pesticides.

●Some ingredients may precipitate, but this does not pose a problem for use.


Plant active bear bamboo extract [999 Thank You] 100ml x 5 bottles

¥2,750 Regular Price
¥2,200Sale Price
100 Grams
  • 100g x 5 pieces

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