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This salt is kneaded with mineral-rich kumazasa extract, which is extracted using a special method from kumazasa, which grows wild in eastern Hokkaido.

Sasashio has a subtle sweetness that mellows the taste of dishes.

It has more flavor than regular salt, so it can be used in place of dressing or mayonnaise on vegetable salads.

You can also enjoy delicious grilled meat, grilled fish, and stir-fried vegetables with salt.


~How to use Kita no Sasashio~

The ingredients contained in Kumazasa extract add ``umami'' to the taste of dishes.

Ideal for yakiniku, grilled chicken, grilled fish, sashimi, tempura, pickles, tofu, edamame, and pickled vegetables.Using bamboo salt when boiling ingredients will preserve the flavor.

The rice balls are the best way to experience the deliciousness of ``Kita no Sasashio'', so please try them.

"Kita no Sasashio" can be used with toothpaste to strengthen the gums and prevent alveolar pyorrhea!


・This product is a highly concentrated extract extracted from Kumazasa using a special manufacturing method.

・We use carefully selected bamboo shoots harvested from the Higashidaisetsu Mountain Range in Hokkaido.

-No preservatives or colorants are used, so you can use it with confidence.


■It is sure to be useful for all kinds of cooking, as well as outdoor activities such as camping and barbecues!

[BBQ Kitano Sasashio] Tabletop 75g x 2 pieces, bag 100g x 2 pieces

75 Grams
  • BBQ (salt and pepper) tabletop 75g x 2, bags (salt) 100g x 2

    *The salt in the value bag can be refilled into a tabletop container. 

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