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This is a natural health food that uses only bear bamboo as an ingredient, without using any additives, and is aimed at managing your pet's daily physical condition.


[Basic usage] Give once to several times a day by mixing with food or water. (Small dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. = about 5 drops at a time; medium-sized dogs: about 10 drops at a time; large dogs: about 15 drops) The key is how many drops to take each day. , it is not a matter of restricting the concentration in detail.

It is not a medicine, so it is up to the owner's discretion.

Once you get used to it, increase or decrease the frequency and amount as appropriate while consulting with your pet's condition.

Also, give it diluted at first until it gets used to the taste.

The purpose is to help people live healthy lives without getting sick or get sick easily, so we recommend giving them on a daily basis from a health management perspective.


~There are ways to use it like this~

●When you are concerned about bad breath or oral discomfort...

Use the undiluted solution to brush your teeth.

You can also apply the undiluted solution on a cotton swab or finger without diluting it, and apply it directly to the inside of your mouth.


●When you feel itchy, or are concerned about pet odor, skin or fur...

When washing your pet, add an appropriate amount (about 10 drops) of Sasano Megumi to the shampoo.


●When you are concerned about watery eyes or eye discharge...

Dilute ``Sasano Megumi'' to about 10 times, apply it to tissue paper or gauze, and wipe around the eyes.


●In case you feel unwell...

A slightly larger amount of ``Sasa no Megumi'' is given, just as an aid to the treatment.


*Sasano Megumi is not a pharmaceutical product.

Especially if your pet is being treated at a veterinary hospital, please follow the veterinarian's instructions.


We hope that Kita no Sasa's ``Sasano Megumi'' will be useful for the health management of your beloved pet.


-Additional note- It may appear that there is a solid substance (like crumbs) attached to the bottom of the container, but this is a solidified substance (slightly sticky) and does not pose any problem in use. .

[Sasano Megumi] 50g x 3 bottles Free shipping

10 Grams
  • 50g x 3 pieces

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